Sesame Street’s Susan @ Lakewood

Do you know the way to Sesame Street?

Dr. Loretta Long, “Susan” on Sesame Street, visited the Lakewood branch Saturday (April 24.)   It was a mixed-aged group.  In fact, there were more adults there, people who have grown up with Sesame Street, than youngsters. 

While addressing the children, Loretta’s message was applicable to the adults, too.  “Be ready for life’s surprises because the life you dream about may just happen, only not in the way you might think.”

Long was born in the outskirts of Paw Paw, Michigan, not exactly the entertainment hub of the universe.  Yet she had a dream of being a star.  Helping out on the family farm, substitute teaching in NYC, auditioning for a new type of children’s show – they were all elements that formed her and enabled her to realize her dream.  Forty years later she is still a regular on Sesame Street.  And it is fueling her new dreams of helping children.

Long is working on her next book.  The working title is  “My Friends Still Call Me Susan,” and it is about the formative experiences people have had growing up with the show.  To  help her, she is looking for people’s stories, how they – or perhaps even now how they with their children or even grandchildren – grew up with Sesame Street.

Contact Zarita for more information.

You can view a slideshow of the photos at

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