Staff Development Day awards

The Staff Development team with Sue Quinn and Val Bell

OCL staff were recognized by Library Director Susan Quinn and Assistant Director Valerie Bell for their hard work at the library.  The recipients included:

The Best Display award recognizes staff’s efforts to show materials through the use of displays in the branch.  It capitalizes on looking at new ways to promote and merchandise Ocean County Library.  This award encourages staff to be creative and rewards them for their efforts.

The first place winner of 2010 Best Display Award was “Gardening: Can you Dig It” by Susan Graham of the Lacey branch

The second place winner of 2010 Best Display Award was “The Bird Display” by Patricia Gates of the Bay Head reading center

The third place winner of 2010 Best Display Award is “The Beach Display” by Kathy Buttermark of the Lacey branch

The Outstanding Mentor award underscores the commitment of Ocean County Library to encourage better mentoring practices among the staff. This one-time achievement award recognizes the process by which staff serve as role models for each other, promoting the professional development of others and creating a supportive, positive working environment that exceeds the routine mentoring practices of providing basic support and guidance. This award recognizes the crucial role of mentoring in staff development.

The winner of the 2010 Award for Outstanding Mentor is Elise Weber.

The Great Solutions award recognizes an individual or group who has made significant improvements to a library service or product that benefits the organizations, our staff, and or the processes that we perform.  The winner of the 2010 Great Solutions Award is the Polaris Implementation Team: Deborah Blackwell, Kathi Frampton Co-Chair, Grace Hartmann, Laura Hathaway, Karen Jakubczak, Karen Kierst, Joanne Lefand, Jennifer Mailley, Carol Matusewicz, Kirstie McKenzie, Elaine Olsen, Connie Reese, Bill Ringer, Judy Roberts, Chris Rodas, Rebecca Schoonmaker, Toni Smirniw, Jolene Smith, Elizabeth Thompson, Administrative Liaisons John Glace and David Evans – AND before she was our Director, Susan Quinn

The Outstanding Communicator award is described as a one-time achievement award.  It recognizes a manager or supervisor who does an exemplary job of communicating with his or her staff regularly and consistently with information about the organization and the unit’s goals, priorities, issues and decisions; one who can maintain clear, open lines of communication with members of the unit as a group or individually including solicitation of opinions and feedback.

The 2010 Outstanding Communicator is Karen Jakubczak.

The Director’s Award for Programming Excellence recognizes an initiative or program that has been implemented system-wide and furthers the Ocean County Library’s mission and/or the goals of the strategic plan.  This includes new programs developed within the last two calendar years.  In some cases programs may be submitted as nominees more than once, e.g. a program not widely adopted in its initial year, but takes on a greater level of importance to the organization in the subsequent year. Programs adopted from other organizations are not eligible for nomination of this award.

The winners of the 2010 Director’s Award for Programming Excellence are The Neighbors Connecting workgroup and the sponsoring Branch Managers: Heather Andolsen; Scott Rodas; Judy Macaluso; Elise Weber; Alex Zubritzky (for Printing and Graphics); Zarita Mattox (for the Lakewood branch); Cathi Finnen (for the Point Boro branch); Judy Clayton and Meagan Toohey (for the Toms River branch).

The First Impression award honors both full and part-time staff members who exemplifies the shared values of the Ocean County Library – Customer Service, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Community – during their first 24 months of employment.

The 2010 First Impression Award winners are:  Julie Tozer; Alex DiMauro; Kirstie McKenzie; Jean Braden and Kathy Lew.

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