Waretown: the parking lot was full!

A 3-foot rod and orange line are terrible for catching fish but they are great for illustrating fishing techniques. Colin Archer demonstrates fly-fishing casts.

Saturday morning the weather was giving people mixed messages.  Sunny and clear quickly yielded to snow flurries, then waffled back and forth trying to make up its mind.

After a couple of warm days earlier in the week, people were ready for spring and looking for ways to prepare for it.

Some people get ready for spring by starting seeds and planning their gardens. Aesthetes dream of flowers; utilitarians envision vegetable patches.  And then there are others who prepare by looking over their fishing tackle and anticipate days on the beach or the jetty, the bay or the ocean.

And about two dozen of the former were in the Waretown branch listening to professional fishing guide Colin Archer discuss fly fishing for both fresh- and salt-water. 

Archer discussed proper tackle (4, 5, or 6 weight rod and matched line for trout; 9, 10, or 11 weight for stripers,)flies, and fly-lines (weight forward, single or double taper, level line.) 

What’s a good New Jersey setup? He suggested an eight and half foot, four or five weight rod. 

He also offered advice in the form of old, humorous adages: “If you can’t tie a good knot, tie a lot of them.”

And, he said, take your time.  When you arrive at your fishing spot, approach the water and observe it before you blindly cast off.

Judging by the questions it was evident that most present, while being avid anglers, hadn’t flicked out a fly in their life.  But their questions also betrayed a keen interest and desire to learn, and Archer handily guided them with his easy to understand advice.


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