Psychic Fair @ Upper Shores

Friends of the Upper Shores fundraising chair, Teddy Esposito (left), gets a reading the the Psychic Fair.

They must have known I was on my way. They must have known I was stalled in summer traffic.  They must have known I would be late. And they must have known I’d have a problem parking.

After all, they are psychics.  They had to know all that, right?

It turns out they didn’t even know I would be there.

Five psychics gathered at the Upper Shores (Lavallette) library branch for a psychic fair fundraiser to assist the Friends group Aug. by sharing insights they gleaned about other people’s life. Utilizing different techniques they advised people about their future, sometimes being very specific in the details.

Several of the people who attended this year’s readings spoke of the accuracy of last year’s predictions.

Teddy Esposito, the Friends of the Upper Shores fundraising chair, said they have been sponsoring the psychic fair since 2003. In addition the Friends were hosting a jewelry show.

The Friends of the Library groups in Ocean County raise funds and pay for programs and equipment for their local branches. Fundraisers, such as the psychic fair, help them help them throughout the year.

In the past the Friends were able to accommodate last-minute walk-ins, but not this year. Just about every 15-mnute appointment slot was filled, and judging by the filled signup sheet the event was going to be a success.

But then again, they must have known that, too.


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