Bill Evans and the friendly library

Bill Evans, WABC-TV Chief Meteorologist and author spoke to a full-house at the Toms River branch Saturday evening, sharing anecdotes from his career and discussing his books, including his latest novel Blackmail Earth and his non-fiction weather book for middle-school students, It’s Raining Fish and Spiders.

Growing up in Mississippi, in a family that produced a couple of generations of church pastors, Bill found he wanted to help people but not in a church setting.  Meteorology enabled him to do that, and he has been able to use his celebrity to promote hundreds of good causes over the years.

For instance, two days after his presentation at Toms River he was out on Long Island promoting a charitable golf tournament for Ronald McDonald House. Watch  him on the morning news and you’ll see he is all over the Tri-state region helping other people and organizations.

He’s also an adventurous sort of person.

He spoke about the time he flew through a hurricane on a military plane gathering scientific data, and the need to have a change of clothes when you do that. He also shared why one should pay attention to what one eats prior to taking such a flight. (I don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you, but the answer is bananas and that’s because they taste the same coming up as they do going down.)

Bill also spoke about his experience walking (?) in a – 100˚, 160 mile-an-hour wind.  Toss a hot cup of coffee into the air and it not only freezes in midflight, it sort of shatters, he said. He implied that one has to dress in layers in those conditions.

He’s already hard at work on his next novel.  Is it any good?  “It’s so good they were thinking of naming it 51 Shades of Gray,” he said. “Yeah, it’s that good.”

The crowd loved him for his humor and sincerity.  And he was generous with his time.  The book signing that followed lasted till nearly 10 p.m.  But that was all right with him.  He had time to speak with everyone and he was as appreciative of them coming to his program as they were of his presentation.

This was the third time he has been at the Toms River branch.  We hope to see him here next year when his new book comes out.


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