Little Egg Harbor, the branch with literary good taste

Is it possible to eat your cake and read it, too?

Ask the Friends of the Little Egg Harbor branch of the Ocean County Library!

The Edible Book Festival was the brainstorm of LEH’s Carol Prendergast. Originally held on the West Coast, edible book festivals have extolled reading for years. An edible book may look like a book, be a pun on a book title or refer to a character. All ingredients should be edible. Under the guidance of program coordinators Carol Prendergast and Leslie Karvan, seventeen Friends volunteered to judge LEH staff entries Friday, August 17.

Adrienne Bird gathered iced coffee, coffee fudge, tiramisu and other coffee treats to visualize “The VariousFlavors of Coffee,” written by Anthony Cappella. It earned the Most Drop Dead Gorgeous award for appearance and presentation.

Lauren Shockley created a glittering celestial backdrop for yummy monkey bread, depicting “Monkeys and the Universe,” written by Kate Banks. Her entry won the Most Delectably Appetizing award for taste, texture and flavor.

Popular with the judges, Rob Rinaldi arranged two hot dogs in buns inside a beer stein, winning the Most Pun-derful award for wit and humor, showcasing Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.”

Winner of the Ms Congeniality award, Donna Majchrzak baked banana nut muffins plus molded a chocolate moose, for Laura Numeroff’s “If You Give a Moose a Muffin.”

Voted Most True to Book for effort and difficulty, Dr Seuss’ “OneFish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” was represented by Cheryl Smith’s school of fish cupcakes decorated with brightly colored candies.

Winner of both Staff Choice and Most Creative for originality, Michelle Gilli offered cupcakes topped with frosted spaghetti, chocolate meatballs and strawberry gravy, for Judi Barrett’sCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.” Will Michelle’s entry next year involve the sequel and pickles?

Adding new Friends to membership, forty four people enjoyed viewing and tasting seventeen edible book creations, while participating in LEH’s celebration of reading, our Edible Book Festival.


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