Annual Holocaust series begins at LBI

Professor Ken Konchan will present the sixth-annual, three-part series “Lessons from the Holocaust” Wednesdays 10 a.m. September 5, 12 and 19 at Ocean County Library’s Long Beach Island branch, 217 S. Central Av., Surf City.

The first lecture, “Berlin, 1920-1930: from the New Babylon to the Nazi Aryanization of German Culture,” will examine the transformation of Germany as the Nazis promised to eradicate “degeneracy” and replace it with the Aryan “People’s Community.”

The second lecture, “From Darwin to Auschwitz: Science, Eugenics and the Holocaust,” discusses the shift by people from striving to understand nature to attempting to control it. Eugenics became the Nazis’ foundation of “life unworthy of life” programs and the “Final Solution” culminating in the Holocaust.

The final lecture, “Nazi Rearmament and Iranian Nuclear Development: a Comparative Analysis,” contrasts the West’s failure to challenge Hitler’s secret rearmament to contemporary issues. It asks, “Are the same mistakes being made today regarding Iran’s nuclear development?”

The programs are free and open to the public. For more information telephone the branch (609) 494-2480 or visit the library’s Website .

Ken Konchan is Professor of History at the University of Akron and Professor of Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities at Cuyahoga Community College.


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