Stress Relief is the New Gold

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If stress relief is the new gold, Acharya Khadi better known as Khadi Madama, should also be known as Queen Midas.

Khadi is presenting her program “Stress is the New Gold” to several branches this month. Her next appearance is at 7 p.m. Jan. 14 at the Lacey branch. She will conclude her visit to Ocean County Library on Jan. 30 with a stop at 7 p.m. to the Point Pleasant Borough branch.

The Toms River resident has been inspiring audiences for years with tools for managing stress, maintaining morale and remaining motivated during challenging times.

Her first visit was to the Toms River branch on Jan. 6 where she spoke to nearly 20 people in the branch’s Green Room about simple ways they could reduce their stress levels and to make their health, a priority in 2014.

Khadi is an expert in what she calls, ‘The New Gold’, which she says is stress relief.  “Stress will make you old, stress will injure you and make you sick and stress will kill you if you don’t get a hold of an easy to use means, both on the job and off, to manage it.”

“Eighty percent of all illness has its root in stress,’’ Madama said. She urged the attendees present to look at ways to improve their health through diet, exercise and stress management.

“Self-care is the first line of self-defense,’’ she added.

She urged everyone to make a list of things that made them feel happy. “Sometimes it is hard to feel grateful but you need to remember what made you feel wonderful.’’

Khadi Madama demonstrated the heart lock which involves folding your hands over your heard and several other stress techniques that she said would help ease your mind and mind.

She also said taking a warm bath was underrated. “It is better for you than a hot shower which takes energy out of your body.”

Her stress relief program, “Being Successful and Stressed”, has been used by a branch of the U. S. Navy’s Fleet and Family Services suicide prevention program, as well as for relieving family stress of the deployed military.

She designed stress relief programs for St. Barnabas Hospital System’s Education Department for Nursing, as well as for Genesis Health Services and BRB Consulting. She was a Wellness Advisory Board member to Wellness Possibilities until it closed in 2012, and has been featured in more than 100 radio programs speaking on the benefits of wellness and stress management.

The Ocean County Library has many books at its branches concerning stress relief techniques and ways to manage stress. Visit your local branch and learn more about stress relief.

The Ocean County Library has many books at its branches concerning stress relief techniques and ways to manage stress. Visit your local branch and learn more about stress relief.

Khadi is the author of “Finding Shangri La: Seven Yoga Principles for Creating Success and Happiness”, ( and a former TV host of “Yours Truly, Yoga”, which aired twice weekly between 1996-2000 on select cable stations in New Jersey and New York.

Her latest book, “A Self Care Guide for the Professional and Personal Caregiver: Thirty Days of Inspiration, Stress Relief and Easy Foods” was released in September of 2012. Her style of stress relief and motivation has been presented to realtors, beauty and trade shows, health care professionals and those struggling through life challenging illness.

In May of 2013 she presented two workshops at the annual staff development day for the Ocean County Library System. She was the special guest on a radio talk show airing on WJRZ, about the need for stress relief.

The Ocean County Library has many books related to stress management that you can check out. Those who may have questions for Khadi about stress management can e-mail here at


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