Barnegat Branch Celebrates Doctor Who

Barnegat Dr. Who Program May 20, 2014

Aidan McGlynn, 10, of Brick is sporting a bow tie and jacket of the type worn by the 11th Doctor (actor Matt Smith) in the series Doctor Who holds a replica of a sonic screw driver, a popular prop used on the 50-year-old British science fiction saga as he joins his father Jonathan McGlynn and his 6-year-old brother Colin. The family came out to a Doctor Who program on May 20 at the Barnegat Branch of the Ocean County Library.

Some came equipped with their sonic screw drivers; others wore bow ties while some simply sported Doctor Who T-shirts to show that they were fans of the 50-year-old British science fiction saga during a program held on May 20 at the Barnegat Branch of the Ocean County Library.

Around 20 fans came together for the event organized by Jamie Dunn, a librarian from the branch’s information services department.

The program included a variety of creative snacks based on aspects of the series which American viewers can watch on BBC America.

Barnegat Dr. Who Program May 20, 2014

Various foods such as the marshmallow alien Adipose from the series were enjoyed during the event.

“I’m definitely a fan of the show,’’ Dunn said. She added that she knew the area had a number of Doctor Who fans and thought it would be fun to bring them together for an event at the library.

The event included food, games, crafts and discussions about Doctor Who episodes.  Some fans even sported costumes associated with the various characters from the program.

Jonathan McGlynn of Brick brought his wife and two sons to the event. “I’m originally from Ireland and I watched the show when I was young. Now I watch it with my sons.’’

Aidan McGlynn, 10, sported a brown suit coat and red bow tie in honor of Matt Smith who was the eleventh actor to play the lead character. He also brought along a replica of a sonic screw driver which made sounds from the actual prop used on the show.

Barnegat Dr. Who Program May 20, 2014

Doctor Who fans played board games such as Guess Who during the May 20 program at the Barnegat Branch.

During the show’s 50 year history, 13 actors have played the role, each having different personalities and costumes in their portrayal of a 1,000 year old alien from the planet Gallifrey.

Aidan’s 6-year-old brother Colin enjoyed a plate of food that included “Timey Wymey Jell-O” that was blue jello with sprinkles. He also enjoyed eating an “Adipose” which in the TV series is an alien creature that resembles a marshmallow man. Dunn took the idea a step further and made the Adipose an edible marshmallow man for the fans.

The Adipose treats were held together with tooth picks to support arms and legs that were removed prior to consumption. Candy coated pretzel sticks were called sonic screw drivers at the snack table which also included Gummy Bears as the popular Jelly Babies which the Doctor enjoys in the show.

Aidan was busy building a paper TARDIS with the help of his dad. A TARDIS, (which stands for Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) is the time traveling craft used by The Doctor.

Games played during the event included “Guess Who” which was a trivia game based on the show. Printouts were made of the 11th Doctor and various characters and aliens from the series to color.

Barnegat Dr. Who Program May 20, 2014

A variation of pin the tail on the donkey was place the face on the screen. The game was based on a boneless character seen in Doctor Who. Librarian Jamie Dunn, of the Barnegat Branch’s Information Services department is seen blindfolding Matt Daley, 13, of Barnegat place the face to the wall during the May 20 program that Dunn organized.

This wasn’t the first Doctor Who program organized by staff of the Ocean County Library. Two programs were held last fall to honor the science fiction saga’s 50th anniversary. An adult program was held at the Toms River branch and a teen services program was held at the Berkeley branch in November. Both were well attended.

Dunn said she was happy to see an attendance of varying ages turn out for the program. She hopes to bring fans together again for a similar event.

You can view more pictures from the event here.

Attendees were unaware at the time that the season premiere of Doctor Who will be in August.

The series will feature actor Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. A specific air date hasn’t been announced by the BBC.


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