PT. Pleasant Boro’s Wall of Library Love

Px Branch Manager Melissa shows off the branch's Wall of Library Love.

Px Branch Manager Melissa shows off the branch’s Wall of Library Love.

During this past summer the staff at the Point Pleasant Boro asked their library visitors to jot down what they liked about the library on a three inch post-it note.  Toddlers to teens to adults of all ages shared what they thought about books, reading, and the Point Pleasant Boro Branch.  At the end of the summer, more than 500 post-it-notes were assembled in a 10 foot by 8 foot wall display. 

Each note was a unique expression of the person who created it. Some notes were filled with intricate drawings, imaginative cartoons, and quotes from favorite books. Some were humorous while others expressed sincere gratitude. Some celebrated reading and libraries in general while others focused on small things. Programs such as  “reading to the dogs” “Lego night” “anime club” “SAIL” “crafts” “music” and “mah jong” were all considered as favorites.  A toddler wrote about  ”story time with miss robin” while an older person reflected “The library has been wonderful!  Such a resource! As a senior, they have been so helpful.” 

Many notes expressed praise for the “accommodating” “friendly” “helpful” “awesome” staff who “treats me like a friend” and “makes me feel at home”. There were tales of romance “This is the place where I met  my current honey”  and wealth “I found a nickel here once” and adventure “I read because one life isn’t enough”.  

Each post-it note told an individual story but collectively the display told an even bigger one about how libraries creates communities and inspire lives.

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