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Man to Man: Face 2 Face continues in Lakewood

The Lakewood branch hosted the fourth session in its “Man to Man: Face 2 Face/The Law & You” program Monday, April 18th.  30 people attended.

Our presenters were Sgt. Milton Alexander; Senior Correction Officer A. Booker; and Senior Correction Officer W. Booker from Rahway Prison.  

In both photos Sgt. Milton Alexander is standing in the center;  SCO A. Booker is the other man on the left and SCO W. Booker is the woman on the right. 

The presenters gave a “Scared Straight” type of program and explained what life in jail is exactly life.


Man to Man – Face2Face

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Dozens of young men answered sharing their dreams: a lawyer; a police officer; Manga artist; cook; mechanic; pastor; CIA; teacher; entrepreneur; receptionist at ARC; a producer.

“You can accomplish anything you want with hard work,” said Moses Miller.

The “Man to Man: Face2Face” mentoring program for boys and young men over the age of 10 began with a great start Monday, Oct. 18 in Lakewood. 

Authors Moses Miller and Jonathan Z. Queen spoke to more than 60 people encouraging them to be authentic people, understand who they are, determine who they would like to become and set goals to reach their dream.

“You see people who are famous, but they aren’t focused,” Queen said.

Among those on hand were several people who will become mentors in the program.

Queen spoke about the value of having a mentor in a young person’s life.

“I didn’t have anyone to look up to,” he said.  Although a bright student, without direction he found himself spending 10 of the first 30 years of his life in prison. 

Despite the myths repeated on television and amongst their peers, there is nothing good about being incarcerated, he added.

But he also said that he was living proof that a person could rise up above life’s failures by working hard.  Since his time in jail, Queen has become an author, a church pastor, a youth counselor, and a motivational speaker.

“Now you’ve already taken the first step to reaching those dreams,” he told the young men, “you’re here.”

The young men who attended “Man to Man” were given a copy of both Miller’s and Queen’s books, along with a blank composition tablet.  Their first assignment: to answer the question, “Who Am I?”

The “Man to Man” program will meet the third Monday of every month, said Branch Manager Zarita Mattox.

A slideshow of photographs from the event can be seen at

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