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Gangwise Project: protecting our youth

TOMS RIVER  –  Three branches of the Ocean County Library will present “The Gangwise Project: What our Community Needs to Know.”

Presented by Edwin Torres, a retired State law enforcement Lieutenant and juvenile gang expert, attendees will learn the general warning signs of gang affiliation. He will also discuss why kids join gangs and offer a brief history of modern gangs.

Torres will give advice for parents and teens to avoid gangs and report on local gang activity. He will also tell where parents can go for help if they know their child is involved with a gang.

The program will be held:

  • Wednesday, May 27 at Plumsted, 119 Evergreen Rd., New Egypt, 609-758-7888
  • Monday, June 1 at Waretown, 112 Main St., 609-693-5133
  • Tuesday, June 2 at Jackson, 2 Jackson Dr., 732-928-4400

The program is suitable for teens, ages 12 and up, their parents, and other interested adults such as educators, clergy and people who work with youth.

The programs are free. Registration is required. Telephone the branch or go to the library’s Web site .

Sign-in for each program begins at 6 p.m. and the program will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m.

How Does Your (Vegetable) Garden Grow?


Master Gardeners Roberta Quinn and Jayne Kinsell spoke to about 15 people at the Waretown branch Saturday, April 6.

“Edibles in the Landscape” addressed items to help people plan a vegetable garden, starting with the most important reason why one should even have a home garden: you will know what goes into growing your vegetables.

As in business, one of the most important things to consider in starting a vegetable garden is “location, location, location.” Find a place that gets at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight and can be adequately watered. Don’t overplant the garden and keep it away from trees and shrubs whose roots can compete for nutrients.

When planning a site, perform a pH test of the soil. Those tests can be performed at the agriculture station, 1623 Whitesville Road, Toms River.

Make a list of what you want to grow and determine which will grow in Ocean County.

Mix your vegetable plants with annual plants. Certain companion planting combinations are beneficial to the vegetables by repelling insects. Quinn said marigolds are good in many pairings, especially peppers. Gardeners should research which combinations work best. Information about this and other garden topics are available from Rutgers Cooperative Research and Extension, and can be found online at .

The temperatures are warming up. How will your garden grow?

Waretown: the parking lot was full!

A 3-foot rod and orange line are terrible for catching fish but they are great for illustrating fishing techniques. Colin Archer demonstrates fly-fishing casts.

Saturday morning the weather was giving people mixed messages.  Sunny and clear quickly yielded to snow flurries, then waffled back and forth trying to make up its mind.

After a couple of warm days earlier in the week, people were ready for spring and looking for ways to prepare for it.

Some people get ready for spring by starting seeds and planning their gardens. Aesthetes dream of flowers; utilitarians envision vegetable patches.  And then there are others who prepare by looking over their fishing tackle and anticipate days on the beach or the jetty, the bay or the ocean.

And about two dozen of the former were in the Waretown branch listening to professional fishing guide Colin Archer discuss fly fishing for both fresh- and salt-water. 

Archer discussed proper tackle (4, 5, or 6 weight rod and matched line for trout; 9, 10, or 11 weight for stripers,)flies, and fly-lines (weight forward, single or double taper, level line.) 

What’s a good New Jersey setup? He suggested an eight and half foot, four or five weight rod. 

He also offered advice in the form of old, humorous adages: “If you can’t tie a good knot, tie a lot of them.”

And, he said, take your time.  When you arrive at your fishing spot, approach the water and observe it before you blindly cast off.

Judging by the questions it was evident that most present, while being avid anglers, hadn’t flicked out a fly in their life.  But their questions also betrayed a keen interest and desire to learn, and Archer handily guided them with his easy to understand advice.

“Beach Bums” tour of NJ boardwalks

Authors Dick Handschurch and Sal Marino presented a fun & informative program about NJ boardwalks.

Authors Dick Handschuch and Sal Marino led their audience through many memorable years of of Jersey boardwalk history.  They not only brought their book Beach Bums Guide to the Boardwalks of New Jersey  to life, but inspired audience members to reminisce about their own anecdotes.  Plenty of inter-active banter and fun between all attending. 

Mr. Scott’s “To Dye For” antics

Sparks and Mr. Scott’s frolicking program and tie-dyed shirts had our 2-8 year olds in stiches.  Our room was filled to its rafters with jumping, shouting, and enthusiastic …parents (and, of course, children).  Get the word out, it’s the best entertainment going.

Waretown partners with Red Cross for blood drive

In partnership with the American Red Cross, the Waretown branch invites you to donate blood Friday Sept. 9 between 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.  The actual donation site will be at the Community Center 239 11th. Street, Barnegat.  We make it convenient for you.  Call for details and set an appointment at 609-693-5133.  Appointments are preferred, but walk-in donors are also welcome.

American Girl Dolls @ Waretown




Kirsten Larson and Kit Kittredge (American Girl Dolls) are in the arms of their respective owners, Jennifer McAllister and Danielle Melillo.  In honor of the International Victorious Woman Month and the 25th Anniversary of the American Girl Doll, Jenn gathered dolls from various local owners to organize this display.  Many of these dolls, along with some of their accompanying possessions, were still in their original boxes, attesting to their preciousness.  They brought back many joyful memories from our viewers.    

Truth WAlks in WAretown

  American Historical Theatre actress, Dr. Daisy Century, evoked waves of strong and subtle emotions throughout our  audience members.  Her portrayal convinced us that we were in the actual presence of the great African American and women’s rights advocate, Sojourner Truth.  Her performance was awe inspiring as she recounted numerous, devastating obstacles and her resolve to overcome them.  It was truly a riveting performance!

Seafood expert schools visitors @ Waretown

Angela Cooper teaches seafood cooking safety

The Waretown patrons who attended this evening’s “Become a Seafood Expert” program had many questions and concerns about seafood;  ranging from the serious (concerns about mercury consumption) to the aesthetic (whether to serve the whole fish).   Fortunately, Angela Cooper, owner of Ahearns Seafood Market in Waretown, fielded these questions with a calm and sometimes amusing authority.  Attendees left with a few classic recipes and more confidence in their seafood choices.   

Veterans benefits @ Waretown

Our Veterans Benefits program filled our meeting room and parking lot to capacity. Mr. John Dorrity, Director of the Ocean County Veterans Service Bureau, managed to deftly field numerous concerns and questions regarding veterans’ issues.  Many participants came to this program with a long history of frustrating encounters with administrative bureaucracy, yet after attending this program they left with either a clear answer or hope for a final solution.  Despite the seriousness of many of these issues humor, camaraderie and respect abounded.   

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