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American Girl Valentine Party

The Point Pleasant Borough Branch celebrated Valentines Day with an American Girl Valentine Party on Thursday, February 12, 2009 hosted by Robin Romance and Joanne Grandits children’s librarians from Point Borough and Berkeley.


The children brought their American Girl dolls and had fun making a craft and sharing a special treat. The program was great success.

Anime Nation 2009!

Over 250 teen anime fans – most in costume – gathered in Toms River the evening of Friday, February 6, for Anime Nation 2009. The guest speaker, voice actor Crispin Freeman, thrilled the audience. He talked about his acting career, took questions, and then signed autographs and took photos with excited teens. Teens also enjoyed Asian snacks, a souvenir table from Suncoast, and anime trivia. Anime Nation 2010 can’t come soon enough!

Upper Shores presents Sojourner Truth program

It was a step back in time and truly seemed as though Sojourner Truth returned to life to once again share her undying commitment to freedom fighting. 35 students & educators from South Toms River’s Discovery Place program were mesmerized as the life of Isabella Baumfree unfolded before us. Following the performance young audience members lined up to shake the hand of actress Daisy Century and to get her autograph. Empathy and a deeper understanding of an amazing life, one that truly made a difference, made this Black History Month one to remember. The evening performance brought out an additional 20 adult community members. The paintings of Preachers Wife Arts/Lavett Ballard added an extra dimension to the event.

Manchester celebrates Black History Month

John Turk performs at Manchester

John Turk performs at Manchester

On Monday, February 9, the Manchester Branch celebrated Black History Month with a two part program. Customers enjoyed a “Soul Food Luncheon,” which was prepared by staff member Donna Risner. Ham, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, black-eyed peas, and cornbread were served. Before the entertainment started, those who attended the programs also had the opportunity to complete crossword puzzles and word scramblers related to black history. Drawings were held for theme-related books.
After lunch, participants enjoyed the musical sounds of singer Jon Turk. During his “Motown Spectacle,” Mr. Turk discussed the history of Motown and performed many famous songs.
Over 60 people enjoyed themselves while they learned about black history!



Lakewood celebrates NAACP’s 100th anniversary

Jim Waters

Jim Waters

Lifelong Lakewood resident, civil rights activist and incoming NAACP president Jim Waters spoke at the Lakewood branch Monday evening to discuss the founding of the national NAACP, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and his experiences as he grew up in racially charged times in the US.
Waters said he didn’t understand racism while he lived in Lakewood, but when he went down South he had to sit in the “colored” section of a restaurant or drink from the “colored” fountain. He described the fear his Southern relatives felt as they admonished him, “Boy, you got too much mouth. You’re going to get us in trouble,” he said they told him.
Waters also reflected upon current times, telling the group that in many ways African Americans are better off now than in 1909 when the NAACP was organized. He also said that he did not expect to see an African American president but said that many of the hopes people now feel are riding upon President Obama’s abilities.
Waters said there are still areas that need attention, including: health care (“Medical care should be an entitlement and should not depend upon your resources”); education; and housing.
Waters credited his mother for teaching him to not hate and be resentful. he also expressed his thankfulness for the opportunities he was offerd in life. “Someone gave me an opportunity and I took advantage of that opportunity.”
His program gave people opportunities to share from their experience. One told how as a youngster she saw the “white” fountain and the “colored” fountain and niavely wanted to see what white water and colored water looked like.
Waters told the group that he plans on attending every NAACP program within a six-hour drive, this year, including its annual convention in the Jacob Javitts Center in NYC.
Virginia Papandrea, Jim Waters and Zarita Mattox

Virginia Papandrea, Jim Waters and Zarita Mattox

Bargnegat Branch Celebrating Black History Month

The Barnegat Branch celebrated Black History Month on February 7th with 75 people attending Charlotte Blake Alston’s performance of “Let My Stories Tell You Who I Am.” You could hear a pin drop in our meeting room as Ms. Alston told her stories, some of them tales from Africa and others from the African American oral tradition. Through the use of instrumentation, gesture, facial expression and audience participation, Ms. Alston cast a spell over the audience for an unforgettable experience. A soul food tasting was held after the performance with food bought by the Friends of the library and prepared by the parishioners of Barnegat’s Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

State group addresses economic state of the state

small-boyd-oxfordFreeholder Gerry Little and the Ocean County Planning Commission presented a session for the business community this morning in Mancini Hall.
Boyd Oxford, representing the NJ Economic Developoment Authority, spoke to about 100 people to tell them of business opportunities offered by the state and how to access those opportunities. Afterwards, he met with business people individually to discuss their personal issues.
NJN News was on hand to tape the program.

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