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Memorial Day Service @ TR

Harold Finkle

Nearly 100 military veterans attended the 14th annual memorial service May 28 in Mancini Hall.  While the event honored all the war veterans, it singled out those who fought in the Korean War (1950-1953) and presented them with caps.   Among the Korean War honorees was our own Harold Finkle.

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Art Show In Barnegat

On May 27th, the Barnegat Branch hosted the 2nd Annual Treasured Angels Preschool Art Show.  

The Barnegat Library is a community partner with the Treasured Angels Preschool in the New Jersey Strengthening Families Initiative (NJ SFI), an approach to preventing child abuse and neglect by strengthening families through early care and education.

 The Barnegat children’s librarian visits the preschool regularly. More than 100 people attended the evening reception and enjoyed the artwork of the preschoolers and their families.

Music workshop & concert @ TR

More than 50 people gathered in the Toms River atrium May 24 to listen to a 90-minute concert and workshop given by four nationally known singer-songwriters.

Terre Roche, Maura Kennedy, Sloan Wainwright and Steve sang solos and in groups, presenting their new folk, jazz and lite-rock material.

“It was a lovely concert,” said library staff member Cheryl Somers, “and you could see they were appreciative of performing in our library.  They were very gracious to their fans.”

“You could see they were having fun as they performed,” she said.  “They were genuinely nice.”

“I had fun,” she added.  “It was an unexpected gift.”

Upper Shores Friends dedicate outdoor reading garden

Nearly 50 community members, library and town officials, and Friends of the Upper Shores branch dedicated  their newly-created Reading Garden May 22.  A 15th anniversary gift for today & always, the garden provides a restful outdoor space for people to read, enjoy refreshment, and chat with neighbors. 

The garden memorializes devoted Friends by way of individual plaques noting donations of benches, tables, and the memorial arbor.  Special tribute was paid to generous donors during the dedication.  Truly a community effort, three area garden clubs will provide seasonal maintenance and planting of bulbs, shrubs & plants.

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, the group moved indoors to enjoy refreshments and live classical piano entertainment by Lavallette sisters, Jacqueline & Juliet Taylor. 

 Thank you Friends, for this memorable event and for our lovely Reading Garden!

Photos of the event can be viewed at 

Concert at the LEH Branch

Students of the Sharon Hood Music Studio performed their Spring Concert, Music Through the Century, at the Little Egg Harbor Library on Saturday, May 22, 2010.  Audience members were treated to a variety of performances on piano, keyboard, and guitar.

Service Learning Day @ Little Egg Harbor

As part of the Service Learning Day Program that is sponsored by the Eagleswood/Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton Municipal Alliance, eight 9th grade students from Pinelands Regional Junior High School and teacher Maria Schwartz spent the morning of May 21, 2010 at the Little Egg Harbor Branch with Young Adult Librarian Arlene Stinziano.  After a tour of the library and an overview of how to plan a storytime, the students assisted Arlene with a toddler story time for 12 young children and their caregivers.  Arlene was able to recruit several students for the branch’s TAB and summer SAIL program, and many students said they would like to come back to the library for the next Service Learning Day.

Friends of the Library Information Exchange

Branch Services hosted a Friends Information Exchange for the presidents of Friends of the Library groups throughout Ocean County. Branch Managers and Friends spent an energizing afternoon on Thursday, May 20th in Mancini Hall, where they brainstormed new fundraising ideas, discussed how to advocate for the library in their local communities, and teamed up for suggestions in how to support branch needs. Valerie Bell, Assistant Director, shared the news that Friends have spent over $100,000 on programs and equipment between January 2009 and the first quarter of 2010. Branch Managers Toni Smirniw and Kelly-Ann Pennell distributed a brochure they had developed, which highlights area restaurants and attractions that can be booked for specific fund-raising days.  Susan Quinn, Director of the Ocean County Library, thanked the Friends for their continued support and hard work, especially in light of the economic downturn.

Lakewood has talent!

The Lakewood branch hosted a talent show May 19.  Huge success!  40 people attended.  All ages participated.

 The teens and kids danced, sang, and played instruments.  Two TAB teens emcee’d the show and kept the audience interested and the program moving!

 Great prizes, too.  First place won two Great Adventure tickets, second place won four Blue Claws tickets, and third place won two movie tickets.  No cost to the library.  All the tickets were donated, thanks to the appeals of Erin and Kristin.

Mirielle Guiliano: French Women Don’t Get Fat

Mirielle Guiliano at Ocean County Library.

Mirielle Guilano has some very loyal and very committed fans in Ocean County.

Despite being 50 minutes late, a result of traffic problems on the NJ Turnpike, more than 100 people patiently waited in Ocean County Library’s Mancini Hall, Toms River, to hear the author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat” extol the virtues of eating well, eating smart, and reconnecting with food by learning how to cook.

“I love to cook,” she said right away.  “Cooking connects you with food.”

It is also an act of love, she said.

“It’s a subtle way for us women to get what we want,” she said.

Guilano advocates cooking with fresh foods that are in season and locally grown. 

“In New Jersey you’re lucky,” she said.  “You have the local farmers’ markets.  There are no excuses.  You are exposed to fresh food.”

For weight control she also urges people follow a three-step guideline: “Water-walking-yogurt.”   

“Drink six to eight glasses of water each day,” she said, “more if you drink caffeine.”  Your body needs to hydrate, especially first thing in the morning when the body is dehydrated.

She also recommends eating two servings of yogurt each day.

What should you avoid?


Why do people snack?  For a variety of reasons, she said, like stress, being tired, bored or frustrated – but not usually because you’re hungry.

“Usually you’re thirsty,” she said, and instructs people to take a drink of water then do an activity to distract themselves for 20 minutes.

She also condemns popular fad diets.

“Diet books all have the same message: drastically cut your intake of carbs,” she said.  But once a person stops the diet there is a tendency to experience a yo-yo effect and one often not only gains the weight lost during the diet but additional pounds.

Lastly, eat slowly.

French women linger over a meal, she said, while Americans will rush through one.  She has observed them scarf down a complete meal in three minutes.

“Those are wasted calories,” she said.  “Your mind processes your food intake and tells you when you ate enough.  If you rush through your meal it does not have enough time to do that.”

Local Author @ the Little Egg Harbor Library

New Jersey author Bhaskara Rao Achyuthuni visited the Little Egg Harbor Library on Wednesday, May 12, 2010 to demonstrate how to bind hardcover and softcover books, and to discuss his novel, Living out of a tin cup.  The first chapter of Mr. Achyuthuni’s novel was actually written at the Little Egg Harbor library in October 2009!  And, some sections of the novel are set in the Bass River State Forest, and reference the Warren Grove Air-to-Ground facility, the Acme, Radio Shack, Sleepy’s in Little Egg Harbor!

In the rugged woods of Tohickon Valley, a Cinnamon bear cub yields a grisly secret. Set in Bucks County, Sea Bright and Bass River, Living out of a Tin Cup is a poignant journey into the world of FBI agent Rachel Sarnoff that culminates in an unexpected, ultimate revelation of profound love and loss. It’s a book about the kindness of strangers, and readers have expressed that they saw a very strong sense of spirituality (without any proselytizing) throughout the book.

The Rumson Oceanic Library in Rumson, NJ picked Living out of a Tin Cup as their Book Club’s pick for February 2010.

Born in the port city of Madras in South India, Bhaskara Rao Achyuthuni now resides in Sea Bright, New Jersey. Mr. Achyuthuni has an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and two Master’s Degrees in Electrical and Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri. Mr. Achyuthuni is presently finishing writing a romantic fictional Trilogy, and is also creating an illustrated book.

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