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Waretown Founder’s Day

This year’s Founders Day found Sally Harrison and Beau Irwin manning the OcFounders Dayean County Library booth.  Visitors were treated to various OCL giveaways, along with helpful insights to our programs and new computer system.  The weather and atmosphere proved to be very friendly. 

Asian Pacific Heritage Month at the Brick Branch!


The Brick Teens celebrated Asian Pacific Heritage Month with two different, but very informative and entertaining celebrations.  The Brick TAB created an “Asian Awesomeness” program for the lovely children, to teach them about Asian culture.  The kids made dragon boats to race, traditional Chinese lanterns, participated in the Chopstick Cheerio Races and indulged in Asian cuisine.  

dragon boat racer



Anime Extravaganza at Brick Branch

On May 14, the Brick TAB in conjunction with the Brick Memorial High School, put on their annual Anime Extravaganza, complete with Cosplay, Dance Dance revolution, LARP (Live Action Role Playing) and of course the ever popular, traditional Japanese Food corner.

Pham sent these photos in to show what the event was like:

1st place cosplay winner

The first place winner in the cosplay contest.

2nd place cosplay winnersThe second place winner in the cosplay contest.

3rd place cosplayThird place winner in the cosplay contest.

fave costumeHonorable mention goes to this anime fan, who came up with a perfect last minute costume.


ddr with ghostly mistThe video game “Dance Dance Revolution” was also super popular at the program.

Baseball author, Matt Silverman, meets Met fans at Barnegat branch

Matt Silverman webOn Thursday night, May 21, about twenty local Mets fans were treated to a visit by sports author, Matt Silverman. Silverman is the author of numerous baseball books including “100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die,” and “Shea Good-bye: The Untold Story of the 2008 Season,” which he co-wrote with former Mets star, Keith Hernandez. Silverman talked books and baseball for about an hour, also taking some time to sell and autograph copies of his books.Matt Silverman web2

Beachwood honored by OC Arc

Beachwood has something to brag about! We just received a letter from The Arc, Ocean County Chapter, stating the Beachwood branch has been selected to receive the Distinguished Community Service Award. This award “is given to recognize an organization that has performed an outstanding service on behalf of people with developmental disabilities in Ocean County.” The branch was nominated by Nikki Harbach, one of the residence workers at the Anchor Group Home. For several years she has regularly brought some of the group home residents to the library. They have participated in library programs and the staff always talks with them when they are here, making them feel welcome.

The awards presentation begins 6 p.m. Thursday, June 11, 2009 at the Quality Inn of Toms River. Several of us will be in attendance.

To the staff – I am very proud of each and every one of you. This is truly evidence of our connection with the community and our commitment to making sure that everyone walking through the doors gets treated equally and with respect. To receive an award like this is humbling honor. My thanks and appreciation go out to all of you.

To Sally and Jeri,
Nikki Harbach mentioned in her nomination form that the residents participated in the programs before my time here at Beachwood. I just wanted to extend congratulations and thanks to both of you because your dedication here as branch managers played such an important part in making a difference in those gentlemen’s lives.

Nicole DeMatteo

Upper Shores celebrates Older Americans Month

small-Older Americans Month 027Upper Shores celebrated Older Americans Month with the talented residents of Leisure Village West in a program conceived by Irene and David Wolff. This amazing group of singers entertained us with vocal renditions from America’s most beloved musicals.

The Still family shares Dr. Still’s legacy

small-still familyWilliam Still, the great, great-nephew of Dr. William Still, told stories of his ancestors and Dr. Still, who was the son of emancipated slaves, during a program at Manchester about the Underground Railroad. Pastors from local Manchester churches were in the audience and learned about herbs and plants Dr. Still used to cure illnesses. William also shared slave narratives from hundreds of letters collected by Dr. Still.small-still

Angela tells us about America’s newest citizen

A couple of days ago I received a call from one of our citizenship class students. He was special in that he received the lowest score on the pre-test and received the highest improvement on the post-test. His call was to let us know that he had pass the citizenship test and is now an American citizen and extremely proud of it. He mentioned that we inspired him by telling him that we were proud of him. He worked extra hard on his studies and he thanked us for making it possible. His first call after becoming a US citizen was to let us know.
Stories like these make this type of work rewarding and necessary. I hope you are still planning on having a Citizenship Preparation Class later in the year. Please let me know when and call me if you have any questions.
Angela R. Zebrowski

Thanks to all of us

small-Community Thanksgiving Dinner 010Dear staff:
Sometimes in life we get the wonderful opportunity to be proud of events we have planned, family members who have achieved something great, ourselves when we overcome the challenges and the trials of life.
Today I am so grateful to be part of some of the Greatest, Most Compassionate, Loving, Giving and Professional people I know and that would be all of “YOU”!
Thank you for all you do.
The money you gave to help bury a child that you did not know, Lillian and Margaret who interceded for the young couple, which encouraged and supported a family that had limited resources and family support. The hot soup Wednesdays, and the community thanksgiving dinner are just a few great examples of who you are and why you are so special to me.
Yesterday, the circ staff, other staff members and a community member saved the life of a baby who was choking and had stopped breathing. The staff kept their heads and moved into swift action and as a result the baby’s life was spared. The children’s staff cared for the siblings while all this was taking place in front of circ. A special thank you to Silvia, who was there ready to translate and keep the lines of communication open between the mother and the rescue squads,(police, ambulances etc) and then got the other children from YS, brought them to their mother and followed the ambulance to the hospital and helped translate and care for the siblings while the mother and baby was being tended to by the hospital staff. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you.
If there was a way that I could shout it from the roof tops I would. You are the Best Staff and some of the Best People I know and I appreciate who you are individually and corporately. Thanks you for “Showing Up” and for all the service you give “You’re the Best”. Have a wonderful day!

Upper Shores Battle of the Bands gearing up

small-AlterationsUpper Shores is gearing up the 3rd Annual Battle Of The Bands. We have almost completed auditions for 9 bands. The event is on June 13th, and will be held in our parking lot. The group Alterations pictured here, has been competing every summer. Please come out and support your favorite band. 

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